Clear Capital Management—the proven money manager delivering equity-like long-term returns, with bond-like risk characteristics.

A Proven Money Manager

Clear Capital Management is a proven money manager who has been helping clients achieve their financial goals of equity-like long-term returns, with the security of bond-like short-term draw downs. We focus on performance and protection by applying the same level of rigor we utilized as engineers and scientists.

Here are the types of clients we work with:

Working With Financial Advisors, Individuals and Institutions

Individuals - we protect your lifestyle or help ensure your future lifestyle, while helping you grow your assets within your comfort zone for loss
Financial Advisors - we manage money as a sub-advisor
Institutions - we provide better risk adjusted return performance so you can meet your obligations
Accountants, Attorneys, and other Professionals - Clear Capital Management offers portfolio management strategies specifically for professionals who are conflicts constrained in terms of owning and trading stocks

Advanced, Proven Money Management You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Proven proprietary technological approach through the application of Fundamental, Algorithmic, and Technical (FAT) analysis
Long term oriented—we're investors, not traders
Superior equities and/or sectors are chosen using Natural Selection™ algorithms for best performance
The rigor and due diligence of engineers and physicists—not MBAs and Economists

Typical Approaches to Diversification

The standard “diversification” techniques used across the financial services industry don’t work because when the markets are good, some investments go up while others go down, so returns are negatively impacted. When the markets are bad, all the risk assets become correlated meaning they are all dropping so there is little to no protection.  

The result is sub-par long-term returns that don’t increase as more risk is taken.

Warren Buffett has famously said he is against broad diversification. "Diversification is a protection against ignorance," Buffett once said. "[It] makes very little sense for those who know what they're doing."

The Clear Capital Approach

Clear Capital Management takes and entirely different approach where we identify risk and safety assets that move opposite to each other during bad equity markets to create True Diversification. This in turn creates a non-linear effect where the total portfolio performs better than its constituent parts.

In addition, our proprietary Natural Selection algorithms select the likely best performing stocks or sectors so large portions of your assets aren’t wasted on underperforming investments.


This information is provided by Clear Capital Management LP (“Clear Capital” or the Firm”), a Registered Investment Advisor Firm with a principal office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for informational purposes only.  No portion of the commentary included herein is to be construed as a solicitation to affect a transaction in securities or the provision of personalized investment or tax advice.  The Firm’s market discussion and investment models are based on the Firm’s proprietary research and back-tested market data.  This back-tested data has been prepared with the benefit of hindsight, and the market trends and economic conditions on which these statistics are based may not endure in the future.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as there can be no assurance that any particular strategy or investment will prove profitable in the future.  Composite account performance reflects the reinvestment of dividends and other related distributions, as well as the deduction of the Firm’s wealth management fee.  Any reference to a market index or benchmark such as the S&P 500 or the Aggregate Bond Index is included for comparative purposes only, as an index is not a security in which investment can be made.  Indices are unmanaged benchmarks that serve as broad market or sector indicators and do not account for management fees or transaction costs generally associated with investable products.  Clear Capital may discuss and display, charts, graphs, formulas and specific stocks which are not intended to be used by themselves to determine which securities to buy or sell, or when to buy or sell them. This information offers limited information and should not be used on its own to make investment decisions. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and investors should be guided accordingly.